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Oura Ring Reviews- Fun Facts You Should Know

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Good sleep is essential to maintain a healthy body. Many people suffer from sleep disorders such as apnea, insomnia, etc. These disorders are brought about by many factors, for instance, exhaustion being one of them.As such, people go for anything that can provide a solution to such complications to enhance good sleep. They also seek help from physicians and book consultations to have their health checked. Others go beyond Oura ring reviews to purchase special pillows and mattresses that can address their sleeping conditions.

Primarily, there are a few wearable devices in the market that help one to get enough sleep. With such tools, one can quickly learn about the quality of their sleep.

In essence, an Oura ring is one of these devices. It mainly helps you to keep track of your sleeping activity, heart rate, and respiration rate.

Ideally, an Oura ring looks at the activities of the user in the night. It has an in-built gyroscope and accelerometer. The devices monitor various metrics such as temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, etc. as mentioned earlier. 

Is the Ring Device Accurate?

The primary function of an Oura ring is to help people find ways of understanding their sleeping habits to improve them. It also uses cutting-edge technology to provide accurate data of one’s state of health when they sleep.

Also, in oura ring reviews, the fact that the ring doesn’t have a screen or a button doesn’t mean it doesn’t work right.

In essence, the ring collects accurate data of blood volume pulse, and body temperature, etc. The ring also detects the intensity and amplitude of the movements of the body.

Through these measurements, the ring quickly detects one’s activities when they are asleep or awake. Subsequently, it records data for your active and inactive days to help you establish if you are at per with your fitness goals.

However, in case you have severe sleep disorders, getting an Oura ring as an alternative for yourself isn’t enough. In oura ring reviews, you’ll still have to maintain your medical visits to your doctor to monitor the progress of your condition.

How much Does the Ring Cost?

An Oura ring bills itself online for around $299.  It is the price of the base model. However, the ring comes in two other different models.  One design option goes for $399 and $999 for the premium diamond version of the ring.

Technically, the three versions share similar features. Oura ring reviews designs are what make them different.

In Oura ring reviews, the prices of the ring are more on the higher side because of its computer features. Evidently, it is a small device, but it has a sleek combination of monitors and other designs that improve the overall sleeping health of the user.

In short, the confidence of the workability of the ring justifies its high price in the market.

Here are some alternatives for Oura and Motiv rings

If you think that Oura or Motiv can’t afford or out of budget. We collected some similar rings based on our analysis.

Does The Ring Measure Blood Pressure?

Can you verify if an Oura ring measures blood pressure? Ideally, the ring measures Photoplethysmogram (PPG). The metrics are related to blood pressure.

It also has infrared LEDs with a receiver and transmitter. These two signals are what measure Blood Pulse Volume from the arteries of your finger.

Is the Oura Device Waterproof?

Some oura ring reviews speak of the ring to be water-resistant, but is that the real story? Well, the ring is not waterproof. However, it is water-resistant.

As a matter of fact, the resistance varies with the various models. For instance, the premium model gives resistance of up to 100 meters. The early version is water-resistant up to 50 meters.

Do you wear Oura Ring All Day?

You can wear your Oura ring all day.  The ring measures movement activity during the daytime to enhance your sleep and well being. Interestingly, oura ring commentaries show you can choose to wear it at night only if your main aim is to collect data on your sleep.

However, you’ll receive data limitations since the ring won’t have any record of your activities during the day. Correspondingly, one can strictly wear the ring at night if the only interest is to get statistics of the body during the night.

Which finger is best for Oura Ring?

Many are times people have trouble deciding the right finger for an Oura ring. Ordinarily, you’ll get better results when you wear the ring longer on the correct finger.

Primarily, any finger would do fine with an Oura ring. Also, oura ring reviews show you can wear the device on either hand.

Nevertheless, it’s all about getting the perfect signal activity to collect information for your actions. As such, the ring finger, index finger and middle finger would work best.

What’s more, the ring that you choose should be of a suitable size to allow you to switch to different fingers. Primarily, you’ll know that you are wearing your ring on the right finger if it feels comfortable. It should be the right fit-not too tight or too loose.

How Long Does Oura Ring Battery Last?

Certainly, the Oura ring has decent battery life. Initially, its designers created the battery life of the ring to hold a charge for three days. The latest smart ring design gives charge for a whole week of use. 

However, it depends on how you set your ring to function. For instance, setting it to airplane mode occasionally would give a more exceptional battery mileage as compared to having the Bluetooth on.

With economical settings, the ring loses about 10% of charge every day. What’s more, the battery is fast-charging. It is because it takes about thirty minutes to an hour to gain a full charge.

Does Oura Ring Have GPS?

Truly, the Oura ring does not have GPS technology. Primarily, if you want to track your runs, you’ll need a separate device that has a GPS.

Oura Vs Motiv Ring Comparison

oura ring reviews

Altogether, the Oura and Motiv rings are a good start for anyone seeking an excellent activity-tracking device. They stand out large in the market as top wearable tracking devices.

To help you choose the fittest of the two wearable devices, below is a comparison of the two. While at it, you can also look at 4 WAYS TO WIN AT LIFE.

Oura RingMotive Ring
Available in rose, black, silver and stealth colors. Can be found in black rose gold and silver colors.
The ring comes in 8 sizes. It comes in 7 sizes.
Oura has three designs, i.e. the Balance, Heritage, and Diamond versions Motivr has one design, i.e. a band with an LED strip going through it.
The Balance and Heritage versions have a ridged and slightly flattened edge, respectively. Motiv’s band band has a consistent shape
Oura has a thicker body The Motiv is slightly thinner
Its battery can last up to 7 days Battery holds the charge for 3 days
It has a ‘charge alert’ when the battery runs low The Motiv doesn’t have a ‘charge alert.’
The price of the ring ranges from $300 to $1000 and over. Motiv’s price starts at $200.    
The ring measures: -Resting Heart Rate (RHR) -Sleep duration, quality, and timing -Respiratory rate -Body temperature -Daily rhythms and movements -Length, intensity, and timing of daily physical activities -Inactivity -Circadian alignment -Heart Rate It gives feedback on -Distance -steps -Sleep duration -Intensity of Activity -Burned calories -Activity -Active minutes -Resting Heart rate
Comparison Table

The Oura and Motiv rings also share a few similarities. Below are some of them:

-Both are IOS and Android user-friendly, with the Oura app giving more insight to the information it records.

-Oura and Motiv rings have an accelerometer to measure the movements of the user.

-The Oura and Motive rings have an optical heart rate sensor, with the Oura claiming more potential for accuracy.

-Likewise, both rings are well made to be used in a sport but are prone to scratches when rubbed against metal.

Which is Better, Oura Vs Motiv?- Oura Ring Commentaries

Technology has gotten clever on the Oura and Motiv rings. In like fashion, the two rings have a discrete look with an appealing appearance of elegance and timelessness.

In the reality of designs, oura ring reviews present the two rings are great. Typically, both of them are almost similarly sized.

If you are after a simple-tech solution that purely focuses on activity, the Motiv should be your go-to ring. On the other hand, the Oura ring gives a more holistic view of readiness, physiology, exercise and sleep quality.

Based on simplicity, the Motive takes the win here. However, Oura is designed to deliver more details and more insights with more accuracy. As for the price, the Motiv wins.

From the looks of it, the Oura seems like the all-round option. The design of the ring also has a more excellent construction quality. Well, if you are the fun type to delve into statistics and data, it would suit you best. Nevertheless, if you are particular about wrapping your head around your sleep and activity in the most straightforward manner, Motiv it is. 

The Take-Out on the Oura Ring

Indeed, the Oura ring is pretty amazing on its scope. It jumps into the Oura ring reviews market gracefully as one of the most stylish wearable devices. Really, its useful features and its almost blemishless app make it more unique.

The ring primarily comes in handy to help one keep track of health and lifestyle choices. As a product of science, the Oura ring is a significant device for self-accountability of the body functions.

How much does an Oura ring cost?

The price for Oura ring is $299 at their online store. But it can be different and there is any wholesaler is in the market.Where can and Where Should I buy an Oura ring?

How accurate is Oura ring?

The Oura has 95% sleep accuracy – 50% wake, 68% light sleep, 60% deep sleep. This accuracy in detecting when these sleep stages occur.Where can and Where Should I buy an Oura ring?

What does an Oura ring do?

The Oura ring measures the following readiness and activities of Body temperature – Heart rate variability – Readiness score – Respiratory rate – Resting heart rate.
Activity burn – Activity goal completion – Activity score – Inactive time Steps – Total burn – Walking equivalencyWhere can and Where Should I buy an Oura ring?

Where can and Where Should I buy an Oura ring?

Here are some places where you can buy this at a cheap price.
ouraring.com amazone.com amazone.ca and ebay.comWhere can and Where Should I buy an Oura ring?

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