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What Is the Perfect Way to Grill Meat?

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Grilling meat is one of the great fun you can ever have during the summer season.

It does not only make meat tasty but also provides some real health benefits.

But if you lack the right grilling meat ideas, it could be a nightmare to enjoy your grilled meat. Continue reading to learn the perfect way to grill meat.

Marinade, and Seasoning

A marinade comprises acidic ingredients such as vinegar or lemon juice. The acidity helps to tenderize and add a tasty flavor to the meat.

Avoid using oils in marinades when cooking on your grill; it adds no flavor. It will burn and cause smoke when splashed down on the glowing charcoals.

Add salt before and after grilling. This is because a lot of salt will be left on the surfaces of the charcoal.

Some professional chefs will advise you to avoid using pepper while grilling. This is because pepper contains an acidic taste.

You may want to use smoke for seasoning. In this case, put some pieces of wood from maple, rosemary, hickory, or apple into the water for approximately 30 minutes.

Put the piece directly on the burning charcoal when beginning to grill.
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Steps to Follow Before Grilling

Arrange the grill to have two or more heat layers.

Next is heating and cleaning the grate before commencing the grilling. You can make use of aluminum foil or steel brush to get rid of burned food remains.

While cooking a bird or a big steak of meat for a long time, use the charcoal on one side. Then, put a tin foil container at the center to trap melted fats and liquids.

To start your process, make sure your charcoal is ready. The charcoal is ready prepared when the surface turns grey after heating for 20 to 30 minutes.

Drop the wood and bamboo skewers in water for 30 minutes before grilling. Metalic skewers are known for conducting heat to the food thus, shortening the cooking period.

Steps to Follow While Grilling

To ensure the meat doesn’t stick on the grate. Use a foil to brash a thin layer of oil on the meat before putting it in the grate.

Wait for caramelization and allow the meat to settle on the grate. The grate should be pre-heated either over charcoal or gas.

Don’t be scared of high temperatures when grilling. Turn the meat when the juices start to trickle.

When cooking ribs, whole birds, or large stakes, it should be over direct heat at first. After that, apply indirect heat through a lid.

Grilling under a lid helps to control the heat, and it’s more effective. It fastens the cooking and produces sweeter results.

The Final Process

Put in marinades and glazes and a lot of sugar at the end. This will prevent burning.

Do you know the trick to avoid the burning of marinade? It is straightforward, grill the meat at first before marinating.

Allow the meat to cool after cooking. The extreme heat in the grill brings high-temperature differences in some parts of the meat.

Utilize a fast and reliable thermometer to monitor the internal temperatures.

Follow the Above Tips to Learn the Perfect Way to Grill Meat

Enjoy your well-grilled meat by applying the above-detailed tips on how to grill meat. With these handy hints, you will be grilling like a pro in no time!

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