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You Must Watch These 7 Disney Princess Movies

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Between 1937 and 1959, Disney released three princess-themed films, followed by five more during the Disney Renaissance in the 1990s. 

Disney continues to release new princess films on a regular basis.

As a result, The Disney Princess has now become a registered trademark. Despite the fact that Disney has recently looked to pay less attention to the notion of a Disney Princess, they remain popular among fans.

You can download the Disney Princess Movies from thepirateproxybay.com and enjoy them with your kids. So, let’s find out the best of them here: 

1: Cinderella

After her father dies, a girl is tortured by her stepmother and stepsisters in the ultimate princess fairytale. 

Cinderella devotes her life to duties and caring for her family after being unable to attend a ball at the castle. 

However, a fairy godmother appears just in time to do some Hocus Pocus and give Cinderella a ball gown and a chariot that make her look like a beautiful princess from an enchanted land. 

When she slips away at midnight, she leaves the prince completely infatuated, and the glass slipper is the only clue he has to find this mystery beauty.

2: The Little Mermaid

Ariel is a mermaid who wishes she could become a mortal and live on earth. 

She keeps on visiting the ocean’s surface, which is absolutely forbidden by her father, and on one such visit, she falls in love with a human prince. 

Love makes Ariel do some crazy things, and she even strikes a bargain with the Sea Witch, Ursula, to be with the ‘Love of her Life.’

However, things soon go out of her hands, and she loses her precious voice. All she needs is a prince to kiss her on the lips, and her voice will return. But, of course, Ursula makes it much more difficult.

3: The Princess And The Frog

This Disney princess film is set in New Orleans and is a classic! 

When we first meet our star, Tiana, we hear about her passion for cooking and her ambition to establish the finest restaurant in New Orleans. 

When Prince Naveen appears in her life, things change. He has been turned into a frog by Dr. Facilier, and only a princess’s kiss can change him back. 

Prince Naveen mistook Tiana for a rich princess and planted a kiss on her, turning her into a frog. Together they hop into new adventures to find out the magnificent Voodoo Priestess who can change them back.

4: Frozen

This blonde princess stunner comes with magical abilities that are genuinely bone frightening. 

Elsa has the power to turn anything into ice. Elsa’s younger sister Anna has always pleaded with her to come out and play, but because of her chilly demeanor, Elsa has been forced to withdraw to her room alone. 

Elsa lets her guard down as the two grow older, and the country of Arendelle is mistakenly plunged into an eternal winter. 

When she tries to isolate herself from society, Anna must track her down and show her that their sisterly love is stronger than the cold.

5: Beauty And The Beast

This Disney love story has been adapted into a cartoon, a movie, and a Broadway production. 

An arrogant prince gets cursed in the famous story and transforms into an unpleasant beast. Falling in love would be the only way to return to normal. 

Despite the odds, the beast may be able to fall in love with Belle, the daughter of the man he holds captive in his castle. 

Will Belle fall in love with a beast and break the spell? Watch the movie to find out!!!

6: Tangled

Princess Rapunzel is abducted from her cot by a lady who wants to use the princess’ supernatural long locks to stay youthful forever. 

Rapunzel grows up in her tower, constantly longing to go outside and see the world and the lanterns that float by her window. 

She tries different ways to escape the tower but doesn’t manage to accomplish what she wants to.

Soon she meets a prince who seeks refuge in her tower and asks him to help her escape this confined life.

7: Aladdin

Jasmine is one of the most beautiful Disney Princesses, so her film: Aladdin, will be included. 

Even though Jasmine isn’t the picture’s focus, Aladdin is a fantastic film.

Aladdin is a pleasant street-urchin who meets Princess Jasmine and, while exploring her castle, finds a magic lamp. 

He soon discovers that a genie resides inside the lamp, and he will grant his three wishes. However, soon the duo become friends and set out on a mission to stop the evil Sorcerer, Jafar, from overthrowing Jasmine’s kingdom.

Start Watching!

Disney princess movies have always appealed to our taste buds. 

They have good plots, nice cinematographies, and some amazing songs that can captivate our attention for a long time. 

On top of that, they restore our beliefs in true love, so we must let our kids watch these movies. 

So, enjoy them and tell us how much you’ve liked them in the comment box. 

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