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How to get help in windows 10 with Easiest way

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The most easiest way to get windows 10 help by just pressing F1. It will start with a bing search having text – how to get help in windows 10. You can also try by dialing windows support phone number for tech support.

Learn How to get help in windows 10 with Easiest way

Windows 10 is most loved and popular operating systems with a wide range of technical support available. If you are thinking about ( How to get help in windows 10 ) then chat and call services are available. There are lots of techniques available which can solve your windows 10 problem.

Generally windows 10 issues can be small to big and we can’t identify the difficultly level of our issue. In that case you can try below mentioned windows 10 help technique and try all those techniques step by step. If the problem is small then you will get your solution from step 1 or 2 and if the problem is big then you have to go through all the techniques or directly ask Microsoft tech team by dialing windows support phone number. Find below helpful source to get windows 10 help with ease.

1. Press F1 key

Press F1 Key - how to get help in windows 10

Pressing F1 key means finding help, similar to dialing an instant support number. If you are using a program or software which owns help services, then hitting F1 will open a program’s help section. Otherwise, your default web browser will directly open a bing search page with keyword how to get help in windows 10 and will show a few ways to get assistance.

In case F1 key is not working or not providing any assistance then enable it by holding down the start button at a time of pressing the key. Sometime systems require to disable function lock key “fn” to get the proper working of F1 key.

2. Ask Cortana for help

Ask Cortana for help - how to get help in windows 10

If you are looking to ask a question by speaking, then try asking a question to Cortana. Cortana is most talked feature of windows 10 and it will help you by answering the basic issues with windows 10. For eg. If you ask how to copy text in windows 10 then it will show “Ctrl+C”. You can enable by answering “Hey Cortana” after switching on your microphone.

3. Chat with Microsoft support

microsoft support number

Nowadays chat based support system is company for most of the product based companies. If you feel  frustrating to dial a microsoft support number, then go for chat options. Type “Contact support” to get started. Generally Contact support app is pre-installed with windows 10 but if not installed, then you can find it in the windows store for free. After opening the contact support app, find the best suitable section which fits your windows issue and try to find appropriate topic.

You will get the option of “chat online with a Microsoft answer tech” after selecting the appropriate topic and then you can describe your problem. Please make sure to explain your problem briefly so the tech will help you to solve your problem as quickly as possible.

4. Schedule a call back

microsoft support number

If above mentioned method is insufficient to solve your  problem or you’re not satisfied with the chat support then you can schedule a call back from Microsoft and it’s way much better than calling Microsoft support number.

To get started for scheduling a call back, open contact support app and find best suitable topics related to your issue. There you will see an option “Arrange a call” and just put the time of call back. Make sure at the time of call back you must be near to your system otherwise they disconnect the call without sorting your problem because no agent can fix issues without a system.

5. Ask the expert in the Forums

windows 10 help - windows support phone number

If you tried all the options offered by windows 10 and still failed to get an answer then try experts forum. As you know windows 10 has a huge community, thus you will find plenty of support. Just login to popular windows 10 forum and start looking for how to get help in windows 10 ? section and write your questions in that section. If no how to get help in windows 10 ? section available, then start by creating one.

You can even directly ask questions without finding any section like how to get help with file explorer in windows 10, what is the Microsoft support number, how to get windows 10 help and much more. Experts of that forum will help you and sort out your problem. Microsoft community is best option to get some expert opinions.

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