Why Must The Internet Remain A Free And Open Space For All?

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While going through the internet, you must have noticed interesting popups on some of your favorite websites with a slow loading symbol.

While most people are not aware of why these pop-ups are happening, we sure do. In the recent debate regarding net neutrality, many companies have taken part in the internet campaign to galvanize Americans to contact the FCC. 

The concept behind net neutrality is for the internet to remain free and open space for all. In fact, most experts are supporting this campaign and believe that online access to data needs to be equal to guarantee individual freedom. 

The internet is the fundamental element of our economy today. Net neutrality stipulates equality for all the data available on the internet. 

Having said that, it is forbidden to discriminate against data based on their origin. For instance, an ISP mustn’t block down or slow the transmission of youtube videos and bundle free access to Facebook contests. 

All in all, the internet is something everybody is paying for. Hence, it is important it remains free and open space for all.

Why Must The Internet Remain Free For All?

The Internet is a one in a million years invention. An invention personifies the future. It is an open-source, decentralized, community-led network. But at the moment, it comes at a cost.

To access the internet, you need a connection and a device to access the internet connection, which means almost half of the population is unable to access the internet.

While the government is taking many steps to make the internet available by offering free WiFi, should the internet be free? 

We certainly believe YES! Here is why.

1. Connectivity

One of the greatest powers of the internet is Connectivity. 

This feature of the internet allows people to share files using file-sharing platforms like The Pirate Bay and connect with people from the other corner of the Earth. 

Everyone should have the opportunity and ability to build a network, make new friends regardless of their financial status and geographical boundaries.

2. Knowledge

The Internet is like an ocean of knowledge. With the internet, you are no longer constrained by books. We can now find answers to any question and queries from the internet with just one click

Restricting the knowledge of the population based on books, libraries, or by other means is just so unfair.

By making the internet free for all, we are leveling the field and giving equal opportunity to others.

3. Choice

Yes, you do have choices, but without the internet, the list might be limited to two or three. With the internet, you can access the global marketplace of unparalleled scope.

Individuals can now forget about the geographical boundaries and can have all the options available to them worldwide.

Free internet gives people the power to choose where they want to spend their money.

4. Freedom

Although we do have freedom, that freedom is quite limited in reality. But with the internet, we can actually taste real freedom. 

The Internet gives people the freedom to learn anything, speak their minds without fear, air their opinions without thinking what others might say, and even work with people they have never met.

This is the level of freedom you can get with access to the internet. 

5. People Power

The Internet is considered a well-known platform to hold valuable conversations. People can discuss issues on politics, the economy, and other events that matter the most. 

The Internet must remain free for people to place their thoughts on the table for everyone to see. This will help people facilitate ideas from technology to health, art to finances, and sociology to politics.

Final Thoughts

The internet belongs to everyone. Hence, no one should have advantages over the internet. If a person can access it, it needs to be ensured others have access. 

After all, free internet ensures a fairer society – a place where everyone enjoys smoother access to knowledge and communication.

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