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Debunking the Most Common Facebook Marketing Myths That Exist Today

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Facebook advertising revenues are expected to reach $50 billion in the United States alone. That’s a powerful testimony of how Facebook marketing works for small and large businesses alike.

Unfortunately, there are too many Facebook marketing myths out there. If you see them and believe them, your business won’t reach its full potential.

You’ll get left behind instead of using one of the most popular platforms to grow your brand. What Facebook marketing myths are getting in the way of your marketing efforts?

Read on as we debunk the most popular Facebook marketing myths.

1. No One Uses Facebook Anymore

Facebook’s reputation took a huge hit in the past couple of years. This is mostly because of the increase in misinformation, political posts, and privacy issues.

Billions of people still use Facebook, but where it struggles is with younger audiences. Teenagers using Facebook dropped by 13% over the last two years and it’s expected to drop another 45% in another two years.

The company is using Instagram as the social network for keeping younger audiences. If you want to market to people under 30, Instagram may be a better choice.

2. Facebook Ads Cost Too Much

Another marketing myth is that Facebook ads cost too much. The cost of ads increased over the last several years as more businesses realized the potential of Facebook ads.

The truth is that your location, time of year, and advertising strategy play a role in the cost of Facebook ads. Click here to find out more about Facebook ads pricing.

3. You Can Copy Your Competition and Get Results

Do you see a competitor killing it on Facebook? You’d think that you’d copy what they’re doing and get the same results, right?

Not so fast.

This strategy might seem foolproof, but it’s really foolish. Your brand needs to stand out from the crowded marketplace.

Bring your authentic voice and create killer content that your audience loves. That’s how you’ll attract the ideal customers and grow your business.

4. Boosting Posts Is Better Than Advertising Campaigns

Facebook offers the option to boost posts to expand your reach for $10-$20. It’s a simple way to advertise, but it might not be as effective as an advertising campaign.

You need to look at your advertising goals. This could help you boost brand recognition, but if you’re looking to convert customers, a targeted campaign is more appropriate.

5. Follower and Engagement Counts Matter Most

Vanity metrics like follower counts and comments don’t always help you know if Facebook marketing is working for you or not.

You could have 10,000 followers, but they might not have an interest in your content. Focus on your goals and choose the metrics that align with them.

Busting Facebook Marketing Myths

The marketing industry is full of myths, but too many marketing myths surround the Facebook platform. It pays to advertise there because people still use the platform.

The key to being a smart marketer is to know your target market and create ads and posts that appeal to them the most.

Do you want more helpful tips to boost your marketing efforts? Check out the Business section of this site for more helpful insights.

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