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What is Carding: is it safe?

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Ava Gardner
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Subject to this article is to explain about what is carding? how it work? Is it safe? You will get most frequently asked questions and their answers.

Carding Introduction

Carding is using in different terms. But the main purpose is to use stolen cards to buy online digital goods or other items. Large Hacking and cracking group works 24 hours to steal users financial data. Stealing data use different described methods.

Carding Methods

  • Email spoofing
  • Phishing attacks
  • Computer infection by Virus/Malware or RAT
  • Data Interception
  • Brute force Attack

Email Spoofing

Attackers use this technique to fool email users. This trick is no more working because attackers use open authentication for secure mail transfer protocols “SMTP” for sending emails. They use the original email address because of the open authentication and add reply to another email address to receive emails. But Now due to security threats, the technology is more advanced and Spam blocker filters such email and refuses to accept. In this way, they ask for financial information like security questions, date of birth, mother or father name, etc.

Phishing attacks

Similar to Email spoofing, this is the more effective way to fool victims. In this way, They clone the same web page of target and copy their original email content from the bank or other online payment gateway and replace the link to their own web page. When the victim will click on the link and that will open a similar web page. Then the user will enter their details and submit. While submitting the sensitive data will be capture and the user will redirect to the actual website.

Computer infection by Virus/Malware or RAT

This is the Most working method. Attackers send a web link in the email or insert the malicious link to the website. When the user visits their website the script downloads the executable script and run in the background and download malware and viruses or already configure Remote access tool “RAT”. When the system is infected, it starts sending or uploading sensitive information to the remote system.

Data Interception

It’s a very professional and advance way to intercept network traffic. The hackers crack the password of wi-fi or connect to the network and change their default gateway and DNS to their own DNS server, or take control of the router to start reading incoming and outgoing requests. when they found any such request they start capturing their data.

Brute force Attack

Brute force is a special tool that try to gain access to specific user name with random passwords. The cracker or hacker load the user name and password list in brute force tool and start to get the matching result. They use proxies for this work because if a user name hits maximum unsuccessful tries the system will block the IP Address. They use proxy servers to stay connected.


After getting such data they sell on dark web/deep websites or any other channel forum or website at a low price. It is a crime. A Special department known as Cybercrime is available almost in all countries which monitor such activities and execute according to their law. To protect your sensitive information you are advised to protect your computer with any Antivirus and firewall programs and change your password randomly. if you receive an email please contact your bank and share it with them to protect you from such illegal activities.

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