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Wisconsin inmates to get photocopies of non-public mail to curb utilize of paper laced with remedy

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During a pilot program, inmates at one prison complained of letters cut off at the margins and slow delivery times.
For the length of a pilot program, inmates at one penal advanced complained of letters within the reduction of off at the margins and gradual supply cases.Suppose of Wisconsin DOC

Wisconsin penal advanced inmates will begin receiving photocopies of their mail subsequent month as officials strive to stem the float of paper laced with remedy into correctional products and providers. 

The Wisconsin Department of Corrections (DOC) talked about paper and envelopes can also additionally be sprayed or soaked in synthetic cannabinoids equivalent to K2 after which sent into prisons, where they’re torn into strips and smoked and sold to inmates. 

Synthetic cannabinoids can lead to vomiting, suicidal thoughts, violent behavior and fleet coronary heart rate, in accordance with the National Institute on Drug Abuse

“Our company’s mission and core values encompass conserving the safety of our workers and these in our care and that’s what’s driving this decision,” talked about DOC Secretary Kevin Carr. “By stopping the normal objects of paper from entering the institutions, we are able to severely within the reduction of the quantity of equipment coming in and perform a safer environment.”

Despite an lengthen in searches and increased drug attempting out, there possess been 182 drug incidents in DOC products and providers in September, with 16 difficult these that wished emergency medication at a clinical facility, the company talked about. 

TextBehind, a mail management provider, changed into once employed to photocopy the mail for 20,000 inmates at 36 DOC institutions. The firm already provides mail photocopying products and providers to prisons in North Carolina and products and providers in 30 counties across multiple states. 

“The amount of copying is simply too powerful to request of DOC workers, so we determined to work with a provider,” talked about DOC Division of Adult Institutions Administrator Sarah Cooper. “Additionally, hiring a neighborhood that specializes in this form of labor must lower any complications with the photocopies.”

Private mail will likely be sent to TextBehind, which will photocopy the contents and send them support to the prisons for supply within 24 hours for gratis to inmates, the DOC talked about. 

For the length of a pilot program, inmates at the Fox Lake Correctional Institution saw supply of their mail get delayed for months, lacking pages, margins of letters within the reduction of off and education provides denied, the Wisconsin Suppose Journal reported. 

The Fox Lake penal advanced switched to photocopying penal advanced mail in April after 9 “doable overdoses” and two incidents of violent behavior linked to drug utilize. In the months since, the penal advanced has viewed numbers in every categories drop forward of reaching zero in August, officials talked about. 

For faster supply, inmates can receive letters, greeting cards and drawings electronically. The policy goes into discontinue Dec. 6. 

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